November 11, 2009

The Willow Tree Nativity

willow tree nativity setWillow Tree Nativity Set and scenes are designed by Susan Lordi.   They are casted in a wood-look resin from the original carving and then hand painted.  The designer uses body language and gestures to express the emotions that help us to feel closer to others just as Mother Mary, and Joseph felt when Jesus was born in a manger.  The pieces crafted are designed to allow you the opportunity of experiencing that feeling of closeness while at the same time experience that special feeling of Joy and meaning during the Christmas Holiday Season that will linger throughout the year.   The carefully handcrafted figurines grabs you by the hand and takes your imagination to the birth event of Jesus Christ and where the nativity actually took place…”and she gave birth to her firstborn Son; she wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7)   


complete nativity sceneWillow Tree Complete 23 Piece Nativity Set By Susan Lordi with Go Green! Compressed Bamboo Towels.   Geared specifically towards the birth of Jesus Christ; these pieces are designed to make us appreciate and value our relationships with others, and to begin the healing process.  The Willow Tree line speaks to us in a powerful and compelling way where it makes us focus on what the real reason for the season of Christmas is and that is the Gift of Giving.  There are no facial expressions on the pieces.   The reason for that is to make us focus on what is important; Good Will to ALL men and women on earth.  Having faceless expressions gives us the opportunity to move ourselves out of the way and to step into the  shoes of another and understand life and gift giving as a human-being, not as a man, woman, child, black or white, but as an authentic human being.  




nativity christmas storyThe Christmas Story Figurines By Willow Tree.  The Nativity is the focal point of Christmas.  It reminds us that a Child was born to us to change the world.  We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  The Nativity symbolizes the gift of giving  and enjoying the company of friends and family.   The center of the nativity scene is the Baby Jesus, His mother Mary and His father Joseph.  The animals, shepherds, and the stable symbolizes the warmth of friends.  Because the there was no room for the family  at the inn;  Jesus was born in a stable surrounded by animals and shepherds that helped to keep Him warm and protected.   If you think about it;  that is the way that we celebrate Christmas today, with friends and family surrounding us and keeping us warm and cheerful.  We have gatherings at the house or office where people bring gifts and foods to celebrate the birth of Jesus with one another.  



three wisemenWillow Tree The Three Wisemen.  The three wise men travelled from afar and followed the star bearing gifts of gold, frankincense & myrrh.  The star led them to Baby Jesus born in a stable and once they arrived they presented the gifts to the Newborn.    This is how we celebrate Christmas today just as the three wisemen did at the Nativity scene.  We attend family gatherings and parties at the office or at a friend’s home.  Sometimes we travel from afar to be with the ones we love and respect.  We bear gifts and present them to our loved ones.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and to have a symbol of the Willow Tree Nativity scene displayed in your home  or office reminding you, your family and friends of where  this joyous season originated from.  A time of the year that evokes memories that will never be forgotten. 

The night that Christ was Born!  It puts us all in the mood for Joy, Peace, Everlasting Love and Tranquility.  We love our Lord Jesus Christ and we are most grateful for His birth.  Without it there would be no Christmas or Nativity.  This is the most wonderful time of the year..Christmas.

Enjoy the selection below and from Willow Tree Nativity.Us to all of You; Have a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful Holiday Season.  And always remember we celebrate the Nativity; as the Night That Christ Was Born.  May You and Your Family Remain Blessed.










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